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Donno what happened, either it was hacked or my own mistakes. But all previous photos in this blog has gone no where. Cannot be seen unless you see it in my HD :-). Life goes on.. still have no time to rectify this defect, still no time to repost all lost photos. But, for new artworks and articles, insya Allah from time to time i will update. Thank you for visiting and purchasing. To contact me, please use my email. God bless us all

Monday, November 11, 2013


it has been a while i didnt upload any kufic works here.. well, since there are some pirate out there pirating my works, i think i should give them time to move on their own. My observation sees that no new works have been uploaded for sale by this so called pirates during this period. Try see this one, wether it will be pirated or not...by the way this words of syahadah is the 1st word u must say to become a muslim and the last word u must say before u die, to die as a muslim. Die as a muslim, u are granted with Jannah @ paradise.. insya Allah..

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